Does Concrete have a Farmer’s Market where you can buy organic food and produce ?

The Concrete Saturday Market Association at 45821 Railroad Avenue offers locally grown organic produce between Memorial Day and  Labor Day on Saturdays from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. The Skagit Upriver Farmers Market is located at the Cement City Swap Meet on State Route 20 and operates on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, roughly between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  There are also a few markets within a 40 mile radius as well as two Co-ops which offer organic produce; Woolley Market in Sedro Woolley and Skagit Valley Food Co-op in Mount Vernon.

Does your town have a supermarket?

Concrete is home to Albert’s Red Apple Market, family owned and operated since 1948.  Shop and Save America has recently opened, offering varied Costco items without the membership.

What are the youth and teen activities in your town? 

As extra-curricular activities, Concrete High School competes in most sports; basketball, volleyball, baseball, fast-pitch softball, track and field, soccer, wrestling, and cheerleading. There are also youth basketball, baseball and football programs.  Aside from that, during the school year on Monday nights, there are Youth Dynamics events which are a wide range of fun activities open to high school age teens.  It is a Christian organization but most of the school kids participate.  They also have special events where they can go white water rafting, rock climbing and/or snowboarding/sledding.

Does your town have a dog park?

Concrete does not currently have a dog park but we are in the process of developing a large plot of land known as Silo Park.  The final plans include the currently existing playground, community garden and skate park, a water spray park (coming soon), dog park and a bouldering (transverse climbing) wall.

What type of Outdoor recreation and activities does your town offer?

As a town in the foothills of the North Cascades, we are surrounded by mountains, forests and rivers.  Within a hour’s drive there are two National Forests, two State Parks, one county park, one ORV park, one sno-park and we are not far from the Mt Baker Ski Resort. There are many places for camping, hiking, fishing, rafting, boating and horseback riding.

Does your town have a local movie theatre?

Our little town is the proud home of the historic Concrete Theatre.  It is a single screen theatre which shows movies Fri-Sun with both 3D and non-3D showings.  It is also home to Encore Fitness as well as multiple community events.

Does your town have a bowling alley?

We do not have a bowling alley.  The nearest one is in Mount Vernon (approximately 40 miles away).  They are open 7 days per week from 10:00 am until at least midnight.

Does your town have an ice skating rink and if not where is the closest one? 

We do not have an ice skating rink.  The nearest one is in Bellingham, approximately an hour’s drive away, at Sportsplex which also offers indoor soccer.

Does your town have a car wash?   

We do not have a car wash.  Sedro Woolley is the closest.  They have both the drive-through and self-wash variety.  There are often car wash fund raisers done at Albert’s Red Apple Market
during the summer and fall.

Does your town have a dry cleaner? 

We do not have a dry cleaner.  Again, the nearest is in Sedro Woolley.

Does your town have a used bookstore and if not where is the closest one? 

We do not have a used bookstore but our local library has frequent book sales.  The nearest used bookstores are in Mount Vernon.  There are several.

Does your town have a library?

The Upper Skagit Library is located on Main Street.  Library cards are free to County residents in the Upper Skagit District as well as people who live inside Concrete town limits.  For people outside of the district, library cards are $15 per quarter or $50 per year.  They offer many services, programs and classes free of charge.

Does your town have a gas station? 

We do have one Shell station in town that also has propane.  Outside of town to the west (approximately 6 mi west), there are two small gas & grocery stations and, to the east, both a Shell and a Chevron (approximately 16 mi east).

Does your town have a veterinarian?   

We do not have a  veterinarian in our town but there are two in Sedro Woolley.

Does your town have a laundromat?   

We do have a laundromat, open 7 days per week from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.  They have about 6 20# washers, 1 35# washer (front loading), 5-6 regular capacity washers, one large capacity dryer and about a dozen regular dryers.

If I were to own a dog are there breed restrictions?

The Town of Concrete itself does not have breed restrictions.  There is a leash law and residents inside Town limits are required to license their dogs with the town ($8/yr).

Where is the nearest place to watch a sports team play?

Seattle is the nearest home to major league sports teams; Seahawks (football), Sounders FC (soccer), Mariners (baseball) and Thunderbirds (hockey).  There are minor league teams who play in Everett; Silvertips (hockey) and Aquasox (baseball).

Where is the nearest place to attend a concert? 

This answer will vary depending on the caliber of concert.  Most will be in Seattle.

Does your town have a drive in theatre and if not where would the nearest one be? 

The nearest drive in theatre is the  Blue Fox Drive In in Oak Harbor, approximately 1.5 hours away.

Where is the nearest military base?

NAS Whidbey Island is also located in Oak Harbor.  The next closest would be Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM Army/Air Force) in Fort Lewis.

Does your town have an annual fair with carnival rides?

Our town does not.  The nearest would be the Skagit County Fair which runs in mid August.  The Skagit County Fairgrounds are located in Mount Vernon.

Does your town have a golf course?

No, the nearest golf course is in Sedro Woolley.  Gateway Golf Course.

Does your town have a public pool?

Unfortunately, no.  There is a YMCA in Mount Vernon.  Otherwise there is an aquatic center in Bellingham.

How many parks does your town have?

This answer will also vary depending upon what type of park you mean.  Some communities outside of town have their own private parks.  There are two public parks in town, the aforementioned Silo Park and Veterans Memorial Park (VMP) on Main Street.  Only Silo Park has a playground.  VMP has a small basketball court and a softball diamond.

Does your town have a local car show and if not where is the nearest one?   

There are car shows during the Concrete Vintage Fly-In (late July) and the Cascade Days celebration on the third Saturday of August.  There are also a few car shows throughout the summer in a few nearby towns.

Does your town have racing; car or motorcycle and if not where would the nearest track be?

The nearest racetrack is Skagit Speedway.  They host many types of automobile races.

Does your town have a pediatrician and or a family doctor?

Our town does have a family doctor at the Sea Mar Concrete Medical Clinic and Pharmacy.

Does your town have a dental office? 

Concrete Dental is our local dental office.  Dr Sharon Feller is our dentist and she is available 2-3 days per week.

Where is the nearest hospital?

The nearest hospital is located in Sedro Woolley.  PeaceHealth United General Medical Center offers emergency services as well as many other medical services.

Where is the nearest Zoo? 

Woodland Park Zoo is located in Seattle.

Where is the nearest skate park? 

Silo Park is the nearest skate park.  It is small with a few ramps and rails, no bowl.  The next closest is in Sedro Woolley. Sedro Woolley Skate Park