Are you thinking about relocating to a less hectic environment? Are you tired of traffic and noise? Concrete may be the perfect fit for you, especially if  you can appreciate:

  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Knowing neighbors better
  • Getting to know people in multiple contexts (for instance, the man who works at the hardware store may also be your daughter’s volleyball coach)
  • Having more time for community life or simply becoming a part of the community
  • Feeling that you – one person – can make a difference

Are you:

  • Yearning for time to tap into your creativity?
  • Looking to have a tangible impact on the local community?
  • Wishing you could spend more time outdoors, in nature?


If you’re interested in starting a business in our community, please get in touch. We are a group of business owners, some of whom have operated successful businesses here for many years, other who are just getting started. We can share our experiences, point you in the right direction for resources and support,  and help you avoid the pitfalls.