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Cinema Septic provides septic inspections and pumping, quickly and affordably, anywhere in Skagit County. Cinema Septic provides septic inspections and pumping anywhere in Skagit County and is owned and operated by Nick Stormont. (Nick purchased the business in 2022 from its original owner, Fred West).

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Q. My septic system seems to be working fine. Why would I need it inspected?
A. Because your sink might be draining and your toilet might be flushing, but your system could be still be on the verge of failure. If that happens, it could cost you thousands of dollars.
Q. I’m getting ready to sell my house. What do I need to do?
A. To sell a house in Skagit County, it has to have a current septic inspection. Cinema Septic is certified to provide that.
Q. In your experience, what’s the biggest issue with local septic systems?
A. Lack of regular maintenance.

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