July 15-17, 2022
Mears Field Airport
Concrete, Washington

Questions? Please get in touch. 360.873.9807

The Concrete Old Fashioned Fly-In is a popular event for vintage, classic, and antique airplane enthusiasts and their families and friends. Founded in 1982, this annual event takes place among some of the most outstanding scenery in the Pacific Northwest.

The Mears Field Airport is nestled in the foothills of the North Cascade mountain range in Washington state. We’re very excited to invite you here again after having to cancel due to Covid-19 the last two years.

Attendees will not only get to enjoy the activities at the airport (food, live music, and more), but you’ll also be treated to sightseeing around the local area and visits to our historic Town Center. Free, guided tours will be departing by bus from the Pilots Lounge throughout the event. Be prepared to see lots of people! The Concrete Old Fashioned Fly-In draws visitors driving the Cascade Loop and visiting the North Cascades National Park. 

Aircraft Arriving
Aircraft Arriving
Aircraft Flying for Fun – bring a lawn chair and watch!
Vintage Classic Car & Motorcycle Show
Live music, Noon – 2:00 p.m.
DJ & Music, 2:00 -5:00 p.m.
Food Vendors on Site
Free Shuttle Bus Tours, with a local historian on board (Visit Concrete!)
Aircraft Departures
Arrival & Parking
The 2022 Fly-In will use a higher density, overlapping tail-to-tail parking system for the event. The ground crew will be reserving the southeast corner of the main parking area for antique, vintage, and classic aircraft. Other aircraft will park on the south side of the runway. Please monitor and communicate on 122.9 as you approach the airport. Upon landing, ground personnel will help you with parking and registration.
Accommodation & Food
Camping is available at the airport next to your airplane. The Pilots’ Lounge is open to the public and includes shower, restroom, and kitchen facilities. There will be food vendors at the airport on Saturday, and there are also several local restaurants in Concrete (a 15-20 minute walk or via a free shuttle bus ride).
Fuel Station
Our fuel station has 100 LL aviation gas available. You are required to carry a minimum of liability insurance on your aircraft to participate in the Concrete Fly-In. Please utilize safety precautions at all times:  Stay off the runway and behind the aircraft parking lines; if you must cross the runway, exercise caution. No low fast passes upon taking off are permitted.