The home of Zumba in Concrete!
The home of Zumba in Concrete!
Celebrate the joy of fitness!
Celebrate the joy of fitness!
Fun and friendly!
Fun and friendly!

Encore Fitness offers workouts, classes and workshops for people of all age who are interested in improving their health and fitness. Located in the historic Concrete Theatre, we’re all about making this the BEST STAGE OF YOUR LIFE!

Workout Descriptions
Fun, Fast, Friendly Group Workouts
Workouts can be adapted to any fitness level; your first class is free. Contact Valerie Stafford for more details!

Class Descriptions:
• PiYo: Combining the muscle-sculpting benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility of yoga. No weights, no jumping, just results.
• Zumba: Dance-based workout where you’ll move to the music and have so much fun, you won’t even notice you’re exercising.
• Fitness Fusion: Fun combo of cardio dance, weight training, yoga, Pilates and Tabata training.
• Pump Plus: Weight-training plus a burst of cardio or bonus core work.

Become a “Mover & Shaker”
Surround yourself with positive, active people! Be part of our Movers & Shakers Facebook Group — that’s where we share info and ideas about improving your nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep and mindset – all of which can help make your holidays happier and healthier! And get in touch if you need recommendations for at-home workouts and the best health shake to keep you moving and shaking!

Fitness Every Day – Online!
Staying connected keeps our fitness moving forward. Join my next online fitness group for:
• Personal coaching, support and accountability
• Healthy meal plan with Shakeology*
• Effective workouts you do at home
• Recipes, tips and meal planning ideas
• Daily motivation from like-minded friends

* Upgrade your nutrition with the super food shake. Get in touch for details and a free sample.


Fitness Coaching Online
Regardless of where you live or how busy you are, you can still be part of the fun and get fit! Join us online for accountability, inspiration, personal coaching and group support. Each month our team offers fitness challenges designed to help you start/stick with an exercise program (here or on-your-own), improve your nutrition, and embrace other healthy habits. You get workout tips and recommendations, nutrition solutions, recipes, eating plans and more. Get in touch for information about our next online group.

To join a group, please get in touch via Facebook message, or call or text Valerie Stafford at (360) 466-8754.
You can also send an email to:

Phone: 360-466-8754
Contact Person: Valerie Stafford
Address: 45920 Mail Street (Concrete Theatre)
Concrete, Washington 98237