Concrete Herald


Concrete Herald, the Voice of Eastern Skagit County, publishes monthly on the first Wednesday. You can make your mailbox a little happier by subscribing. Just $27 gets you a one-year (12 issues) print-edition subscription to any U.S. state. If you live outside the U.S., you must pay in U.S. funds.

NEW! CONCRETE HERALD NOW OFFERS AN E-EDITION SUBSCRIPTION. E-editions are sent via e-mail as a PDF attachment(s). If you want to save a tree and a little coin, and IF your e-mail provider will let you receive e-mails with 6- to 8-meg attachments, then an e-edition subscription is a great choice! E-edition price is $15 per year.

PO Box 682, Concrete, Washington, United States 98237

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